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Salt Air Village News

Office Hours are: October 15 to April 1 by appointment only.


Power washing is no longer allowed in the village by NON cottage owners.
Automatic discharge (non septic) of water is not allowed
Talk with Connie at the office if you have questions.

Today is  

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May 15, 2018  


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National Weather Service for Dennis Port check for storm warnings.
Secure your cottage as needed, please.
NWS Taunton, MA Point Forecast: Dennis Port MA 41.66°N 70.14°W ••
Hazardous Weather Outlook Issued by NWS Boston, MA
NWS Taunton, MA Point Forecast: Dennis MA 41.71°N 70.19°W
NO open flames         
YES Covered flames
Use caution and keep the covering grate on.

As to our opening and closing dates. We always officially open on May 15th unless it is on a Sat. or Sun. Columbus Day weekend is our last official weekend of the season and that date changes because it is a Monday holiday. For instance, if Columbus Day fell on the 10th we close on the 11th.

I hope this is helpful.

I look foward to the beginning of a new season and seeing all of our families!
If you have changed the lock to your cottage please leave a key at the office.

Village Roads    
REMEMBER there are children playing so please stay within the posted 5 MPH speed limit.
Roads within the Village are dusty and vehicles going over the posted 5 MPH speed limit make it worse.
Please keep your speed down.

Visitor's or renter's CAN NOT have pets within the Village. They will be required to remove the dog.

Only cottage owners may have their pets within the village. Renter's and visitor's may not.
Keep your pet leased. There are coyotes in the area. They are opportunistic omnivores and will prey on whatever is available and easy to scavenge or kill.
Town animal control says making loud noise to scare a coyote.


Digging in your yard?    Don't deposit the waste near the pond.
Don't chance destroying your water line. Contact the office first.




Household Trash Schedule Dates are subject to change.

Household trash does not include funiture or lumber. Yard waste, flowers, brush, leaves etc. should be placed away from trash cans at roadside. The containers which flowers came in ARE NOT yard waste. Put these contains into trash bags to be picked up on trash day. DO NOT put dirt into trash bags.

All pickups are on Mondays except for holidays and where noted * will be on Tuesdays.

For items other than household trash contact Chase and Merchant at 508-398-2116.
Cottage owner is responsible for the cost of the pickup.

DO USE a container which has your cottage number.
Secure the top so animals cannot spread garbage.

Salt Air Village office has moved back to 262 Old Wharf Road.
Which is the first building on the right upon entering from Old Wharf Road.
The office is at the rear of the house.
The American flag will be displayed when the office is open.
There is parking for the office in front of the garage.

To make an appointment contact Connie at the office using

Remember you can have your septic pumped at any time.
If the system is shared make arrangements with other owners.

A clogged field could cause major construction and expense.

Please Read and Heed this state rule
<-- Click here.


Boat parking in common areas was phased out in 2012 .
Boats with trailor not over 18 feet (total) such as wave runners etc can be parked in your cottage yard.
Remember each cottage is granted only one parking place.
At NO time may a visitor or renter bring a boat into the village.
You should make any renter or visitor aware of this.


Swimming Rules for Chase's Ocean Grove Beach

DO NOT loose your bracelet. DO NOT pass on to others not in your cottage.
Logs are kept at the office to show which cottage and how many bracelets it has received.

As of September 6, 2010 (Labor Day), all members of Salt Air Village will be required to wear a beach bracelet supplied by Chase's Ocean Grove.

We have been advised there will be spot checks for the swim bracelets. Anyone found without a Chase's swim bracelet may be asked to leave Chase's beach.

Each Village member will be supplied with a number of this beach wear. Bracelets will be given out at the Saturday, members only meeting. Other Salt Air Village members will have to pick them up at the Salt Air Village office.

Remember the use of Chase's beach is a privilege not a right.

Please make sure you have a swim bracelet before going to Chase's beach.


Insurance Notices:
Have you been advised by your cottage insurance company about tree removal of any kind?
We will take each individual request into consideration.
It has been our policy to maintain healthy trees as part of the character of the village, and to only trim or remove trees and branches that are unhealthy or damaged, or pose a particular threat that is brought to our attention.
If we decide to remove any tree or branches at your insurance companies request, and not as part of our regular maintenance program, we reserve the right to bill you for the extra costs incurred for such work.
Be advised that no tree service is allowed to cut in Salt Air Village.
Except services provided by Salt Air Village.
To have your insurance problem resolved take the following steps.
a. Salt Air Village needs a copy of the letter of Substandard Condition for your cottage.
b. On your cottage insurance companies letterhead.
c. You can mail, e-mail or bring a copy of the letter to Salt Air Village's office.
      If you care to send FAX to the office please call or e-mail for the FAX number.
There will be NO tree work done without a copy of the substandard condition letter.
You can contact the office HERE
When scanned for e-mail use jpg, gif or png file format's.

Announcing New Pilot Program:
Questions about this article? Call the town and ask.

Transfer Station hours are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Open Thursday thru Sunday from 7 am to 5 pm, until May 28, 2018

OPEN: Seven (7) days a week from May 29, 2018 until Sunday, September 30, 2018. Hours are 8 am to 4 pm daily

CLOSED: All legal holidays including Easter and the day after Thanksgiviing.

Transfer Station stickers are effective May 1st to April 30th every year.

If you are visiting Dennis, you are welcome to use the Dennis Transfer Station to dispose of your household waste and recyclables as follows:

Bags/Barrels of household waste are $5.00 ea.

A Recycling Sticker (effective January 1, 2018) is required for those without a Transfer Station Sticker or have not paid a per bag fee for the recycling of bottles, cans, plastic, glass, food waste, bulky plastics and paper.

If you are not familiar with the Transfer Station, stop at the gatehouse for assistance.

The Village closes in October

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